"When I am asked about influences, I always say I bow down to Fred Astaire, because when you look at him dancing you never look at his extremities, do you? You look at his centre. What you never see is the hours of hard work that went into the routines, you just see the breathtaking spirit and freedom.” — Alan Rickman

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The Violent Xenophobic Racism in Ireland

At 9pm last Tuesday, 44-year-old Chinese doctor, Wu Youzhong, went to investigate the sound of breaking glass outside his home in Coleraine, County Londonderry, in Ireland. When he arrived at his front door, he saw that the window had been smashed. An intruder then attacked him so violently that he had to be admitted to hospital for several days, and required consultation from an eye specialist. Dr Wu’s wife, Luo Ruoyin, said, “I heard he was just screaming in pain and I was scared. He was just holding his head and covering his eyes and blood was just running down everywhere.” The police are treating the attack as racially motivated; the couple, who have a two-year-old daughter, are reported to be intending to move away from the area.

The Chinese community in Ireland has long been a target of racial discrimination. Anna Lo, an Alliance Party politician born in Hong Kong who was elected to the Ireland Assembly in 2007, was the first politician from an ethnic minority at national level in Ireland, as well as the first East Asian to be elected anywhere in Britain. Her campaign was dogged by violent racism – including death threats – to the extent that she had to carry a panic alarm as a precaution. One far-Right website published pornographic images of Chinese women, alongside derogatory references to Anna Lo. “People from ethnic minorities are very frightened,” she said. “I have never seen ethnic minorities so fearful in Ireland.”

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Genetically engineering 'ethical' babies is a moral obligation, says Oxford professor - Telegraph







There are a lot of diseases that can be cured with genetic screening. My grandma was a carrier for sickle-cell but luckily it wasn’t passed down to any of her descendants. 

What if these “bad” genes actually have a purpose and we are fucking up our bodies’ balance of something we don’t understand yet?

Can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.


I have a problem with Gattaca because I just can’t see a real free-market business turning down someone because they weren’t born with 20/20 vision.

But Gattaca went beyond that. He had a “heart condition” (aka he had what is today considered a normal chance to have heart disease IIRC) and because the market was saturated with a young generation [for whom genetic therapy was the norm] genetically tailored for superior health and ability people like him had to be protected by law in order to still find employment. Gattaca shows us a society of subtle prejudice because we see his most gainful employment is as a janitor — after the montage of him going as far as his brain would take him (the space center’s astronaut tests), its his genetic inferiority which makes him an unsuitable candidate when countless others are available to take his spot.

Don’t forget, his parents were considered social outcast for conceiving a child ‘naturally’.

It doesn’t have to happen this way, but the movie certainly reflects attitudes which were (and still are) very real. Notice the movie has a 50s-60s futura aesthetic, that is definitely deliberate.